Arbele has entered a joint venture with the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) with a vision to establish accredited cell banking facilities in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Areas

We are pleased to announce that Arbele has entered a joint venture with CMA Testing on 9 Feb 2023 with a vision to establish accredited cell banking facilities in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Areas. The cell bank will provide cryopreservation services of peripheral blood immune cells from young and adult healthy donors before onset of potential disease and considerably loss of functionality with age. The application of the cell bank may provide sources of healthy immune cells for future disease treatments, including cancers and aging. The new joint venture company, CelVita, plans to start operations in June 2023.


“It is our pleasure to join forces with Arbele to establish our first project, Accredited Cell Banking. As quoted by Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, this is CMA Testing and Arbele’s “giant leap” in Greater Bay Area to provide the health care service to our compatriots in order to establish a better life in future.” Says Dominic Lam, Chief Operations Officer, CMA Testing.


“Cell-based Immunotherapy using own immune cells has revolutionized cancer treatment and is clinically proven. It makes sense for us to preserve our healthy immune cells early before the efficacy of our immune system decreases with age. Available healthy immune cells mean better protection for the future.” Says Anthony Chan, PhD (Cantab), Chief Technology Officer, Arbele.


About CMA Testing


CMA Testing, established in 1979, isa well-known third-party assurance body that specializes in testing, inspection and certification services. To keep up with the fast-changing market as well as the wave of “re-industrialization”, CMA Testing assists enterprises in upgrading and transforming to cope with the future development. CMA Testing is developing diverse business solutions to respond to the needs of the market in alignment with the company’s new core values – A Better World, Passionately Curious and Perfectly Scaled, ensuring the safety of consumer products, enhancing the quality life of consumers and sustaining a green environment for the betterment of the community. In the coming future, CMA Testing will focus on Technology Commercialization, DNA Testing and Green Service to cope with the global demand and align with government policies relating to the promotion of innovation and technology. Please visit




ARBELE is founded in 2016 by former senior executives from multinational pharmaceutical companies, with R&D presence in Hong Kong, Seattle, Sydney, Guangzhou, and Singapore. It focuses on the development of break-through diagnostic platforms and innovative immunotherapy; to provide early intervention and treatment for people with GI cancers including but not limited to pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, GEJ, liver and bile duct cancers, for which effective treatment options are scanty with high mortality rates. For more information on ARBELE, please visit

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